50th Annual National Conference of Indian Dietetic Association

Good nutrition is a basic building block of human capital and, as such, contributes to economic development. In turn, sustainable and equitable growth in developing countries will convert these countries to "developed" states. There is much evidence that nutrition and economic development have a two-way relationship.

Improved economic development contributes to improved nutrition (albeit at a very modest pace), but more importantly, improved nutrition drives stronger economic growth.

Improving nutrition contributes to productivity, economic development, and poverty reduction by improving physical work capacity, cognitive development, school performance, and health by reducing disease and mortality.

Poor nutrition perpetuates the cycle of poverty and malnutrition through these main routes: Direct losses in productivity from poor physical status and losses caused by disease linked with malnutrition; indirect losses from poor cognitive development and losses in schooling; and losses caused by increased health care costs. The economic costs of malnutrition are very high.

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Kolkata has a subtropical climate with a seasonal regime of monsoons (rain-bearing winds). It is warm year-round, with average high temperatures ranging from about 60.8°F (16°C) in December and January to nearly 100°F (38°C) in April and May. During October and November, the rainfall dwindles. The winter months, from about the end of November to the end of February, are pleasant and rainless.


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Priti Sen
Chief Patron

Ipsita Chakravarti
Organising Secretary

Ahin Mahapatra
Jt. Organising Secretary

Dr. B. K Nandi
Chief Advisor

Mitali Palodhi

Tapan Kr Adhikari

Sheela Krishnaswamy
National President

Nina Singh, Aparajita Saha

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